Do you want to walk into your Scheduled Cesarean feeling cool, calm, and totally in prepared?

This comprehensive Cesarean course is about learning to trust your body and your instincts.
I will teach you exactly what it takes to navigate the unknown territory of surgery PLUS birth with confidence because I know that this experience is not what you planned but being prepared is key to owning it. Education is power. My entire 17 years of experience will be with you every single step of the way.


Doors open August 25th-27th ( 3 days once a month)

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    Trish Ware, RN

    Who am I?

    I'm a specialized, high-risk labor and delivery nurse who's a mom of 7. I've delivered babies at some of the top medical facilities in the US. But my true passion is teaching and empowering women to write the birth story of their dreams.

    Which is why I educate tens of thousands of women every day on Instagram as @labor.nurse.mama.

    What will you learn?

    • It will give you the information you need, quickly, to boost your confidence and make the best choices when it comes to your body, your birth story, and your baby!
    • Our material empowers you and prepares you for any choice you make — home birth, hospital birth, medicated, non-medicated.
    • It walks you through step by step exactly what to expect, how to make decisions, and how to change your plans when presented with new information.